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Mission Statement

Aqua is equally dedicated to its customers, employees, shareholders and communities, as each represents our success and our potential growth. We earn public trust through integrity, tenacity and the diligence with which we reliably deliver services that are basic to the quality of life we enjoy in the United States – potable water and the disposal of wastewater.

Aqua is committed to providing quality water and wastewater service, in a manner consistent with applicable standards for public health and environmental quality standards.  Continuing its capital investment in system improvements, including the rehabilitation and replacement of key infrastructure and plants. Aqua engages in procurement practices which support providing materials and services are delivered in a timely, quality and cost effective manner. These practices serve Aqua’s employees who provide services and infrastructure support to its customers and consumers.

Aqua is committed to having minority-owned business enterprises (MBE), women-owned business enterprises (WBE), persons with disabilities-owned business enterprises (PDBE) and veteran-owned small businesses (VOSB) fully participate in the procurement process and encourages them to complete and submit the vendor diversity form.

Many states have programs that enable vendors to register identifying their appropriate vendor diversity catergory. Companies doing business in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are encouraged to register and become certified in Pennsylvania so they may apply for every applicable opportunity for which they might be qualified. Click here to register with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Click here to register with the state of Illinois.

Existing Vendors: Click Here

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All vendors are expected to adopt Aqua's Supplier Code of Conduct, which you can find here.

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